Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No raw meat or poultry

What we all like to cook and what we don’t like to cook is very personal. For me, the idea of meat from a can makes me feel ill. Heather doesn’t like to handle raw meat or poultry. So here’s a weeknight meal idea for you, Heather: Kung Pao Tofu from Eating Well magazine. I’ve made this a couple of times over the past few weeks. It’s fast, simple, and satisfying – a perfect weeknight meal. For me, the beauty of the recipe is that you can sub in any vegetable (or protein for that matter) that you like. Yesterday I used broccoli, carrots, and scallions. The week before it was broccoli and peppers. Once I made rice to accompany it; last night Thai noodles. The recipe requires only two pans, and yesterday it took me 32 minutes from start to table. Plus, tofu is healthy! And affordable! The only mildly tricky part might be finding the oyster sauce, but it was in the Asian section of my middle-of-the-road grocery store, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Let me know if you try it.

Oh, and Rosa loves the dish. There's nothing more heart-warming than hearing a two-year old demand, "More tofu! More tofu!"


Heather said...

You are so nice to think of me! This looks delicious and I will definitely give it a try. Do you make it without peanuts for the kids? Or, would I ruin the recipe? Thanks for the suggestion!

Jenna said...

Hi Heather, I sprinkle the peanuts on afterwards for Dave and me. They definitely add a nice crunch but we don't want allergic kids!