Friday, November 26, 2010

The Final Menu

We had a lovely small Thanksgiving yesterday. I think I have a bit of a food hangover. Three glasses of cava early in the meal probably didn't help.

Overall I was really pleased with how all of the "new to me" dishes turned out. This is what we ate (and will be eating for the next few days):

- Turkey breast roulade stuffed with fig, cranberry, and sausage stuffing
- Stuffing! Pretty much agreed upon to be the best part of the meal. So good.
- Gravy
- Pureed sweet potatoes with a bit of brown butter, maple syrup, and toasted pecans
- Braised brussels sprouts with pecorino
- Potato rolls
- Cumin-scented carrots
- Clementine and cinnamon scented cranberry sauce (delicious gift from a good friend)
- And, of course, pumpkin pie

As planned, every recipe I prepared was new to me... except the cumin-scented carrots. I make those a lot, they are super-easy and I knew they would add a little kick to the meal.

I was so happy with the turkey breast roulade and stuffing. It fell apart slightly as I was slicing, but the meat was juicy and the stuffing was delicious.

How was your Thanksgiving meal?


Megan said...

I'm happy the turkey came out so good! It sounds like such a great recipe. I had one good Thanksgiving dinner already with my fiance's family, and tomorrow we'll go to eat with my family. I just finished baking 3 desserts! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving was good, but small. L enjoyed her first tastes of Holiday fare! No real new recipes for me this year except the apple pie. Okay, but I will not make it again.


Anonymous said...

We were in Argentina so had no real Thanksgiving dinner. The stuffing sounds delicious. How about the recipe?